Consumers Guide to Builders Jargon

Easily De-Code Complicated Builders Jargon Into Plain and Simple English.

Inside This Informative Free Guide You'll Learn How To Decifer Terms Like ...

  • Provisional Sum

  • Preliminary Building Agreement/Contract

  • Prime Cost Item

  • Rock Clause

  • And much much more!

Download This Free Consumer Guide

This is the ultimate guide for consumers on what all this builder's jargon actually means for you. Get your hands on this priceless information today.

TIP #1

Discover 2 acronyms that could be added into your building contract that make the price appear a lot lower. Be cautious with these though as throughout the construction process your contract price can start increasing quickly!

TIP #2

Discover a certain type of clause you’ll see in most contracts. You can’t avoid it, but you can certainly prepare for it.

TIP #3

Discover one of the first major steps in design & construction and all the different names this stage has. Without this stage, you risk dealing with an unprofessional and disorganised builder that has not done any real planning for your project.

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